Mistress Eleise De Lacy – House Training

Release Year: 2014

I woke up sometime Friday morning. Light fell on my face , penetrating between the bars "grid" , which I have represented on fanerku in the window . I wake up , wake up , but not immediately recalled the events of yesterday , so that the position in which I was just stunned me ! What , in your opinion , find themselves helpless slave chain lost hope in the most severe shackles , locked deep in the dungeon ? I looked around and saw myself in the mirror. God! I'm naked ! Chained at the ankles , with the heavy chain does not allow to move and securely attached to the steel beam . Toes are shackled together, chastity belt tightened to the limit, too shackled wrists and pulled to the collar , plus a ring gag , arching jaw. Matted hair and are in complete disarray , saliva dripping fray and on my chest and thighs , while I was asleep ; some tracks have already dried up , others were still fresh. Where I was sweating , spots and stripes were visible adhering dirt, bare feet were black from the constant fidgeting on the floor. I wondered how long I have to sit in this form until the hose will not spill vivifying stream exactly at one o'clock ? How do I wash a little using a trickle from the funnel spray gun sitting on the floor dirty basement ?

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The Violation Of My Boyfriend’s Ass Part 5 (2011)

Video language: English

It's all his fucking fault! He was fucking me real good the other night, and I was moaning and getting off big time. After he came, he told me he wished he could feel what I felt and cum the way I did. So I told him he could, and showed him my new strap-on dildo. I lubed his butt and crammed it up his ass, and he loved it! You should see him cum now!

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Sitting Spread Stocks – Vibed – Jezbelle Bond

Studio: SSM
Cast: Jezbelle Bond
Genres: BDSM
Video language: English

Super hot Jezebelle Bond becomes Ogre's toy for the day...wearing only panties and a ball-gag, Jezebelle is tied on her back...her arms and thighs are thoroughly roped down to a steel frame and she is quite helpless as Ogre enters the scene to have his way with her...first, he enjoys pawing at her naked body....her ripe tits, smoothe tummy and velvet pussy...

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Not In My Class 2014

Release Year: 2014
Genres: Babes, Bdsm, Big Tits
Video language: English

Barbie behaves like a little slut, seducing boys and girls alike with her perfect body. But Ms Bright is not the kind of teacher who simply ignores such a behavior. She thinks it is time to give Barbie a lesson of humiliation, and who would be the better person to serve justice then the Mistress herself? Barbie soon learns how does it feel to be used while the Mistress teaches her what is allowed and what's not in her class.

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Duration: 32:22
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Jayden Jaymes – Roof top romp

Jayden is back and curvier than before. She wore a sexy one piece black g string, stockings and high heels to our rooftop shoot. I was able to capture her amazing ass from all angles. Jayden revealed some of her sexual fantasies while she seductively bounced her booty. We eventually went indoors where she smothered Voodoo with her mega ass. When Voodoo resurfaced, he had the pleasure of fucking the best piece of ass that I have seen in a long time.

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Duration: 40:52
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