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german amateur

This month we present a new project with the hot brunette Pia Milano, a german amateur with italian roots. Pia has a favour for hardcore drinking, chain smoking and hot nylon & heels posing. This is always a stunning combination and you can see a intense (in & outdoor) session with many outstanding moments. This girl was definitely the best smoker we ever had in front of a cam and her trouble walking on high-heels should be also a turn on for some fans of this genre. So have a look inside and enjoy!


many good scene

After a long time of checking all my well-known Model data bases I found the right girl for this project. Venus had the motivation to do a radical fast test with strong stuff. She consumed nearly a complete bottle during a time of 30 minutes. You can enjoy the complete process and the radical effects afterwards. This collection includes many good scenes, a shitfaced girl with slurring speech and also nice takes for the passed out & sleeping girl lovers.


Vanessa part 2

Here comes the second part of our story with a lot of uncontrolled drinking and the great effects of a totally intoxicated babe.One of the highlight parts was our lesson in the middle of the movie as Vanessa should stand on her boots & drink straight from the bottle. This interaction brought some very sexy effects and you should not miss it. Two hours after the regular shooting I could film some extra footage for you. Vanesa got the hiccups and they were very cute.


young lady

At the beginning of the year 2010 I had a meeting with the sexy Vanessa in cologne, a young lady with Russian roots. She really enjoyed to make a hard drinking session for us with different sorts of alcohol. At the beginning Vanessa was dressed like a business woman or secretary with a short black skirt, white blouse, black jacket, tan pantyhose and open toe heels. We were together in a very relaxed atmosphere and I gave her a spontaneous English lesson during the process.This was funny. Then she was walking around and changed her look during a view seconds into a hot vamp! After a short outdoor scene Vanessa continued the booze in the apartment. She had a little red wine accident before so it was logical to change the clothes. I filmed this sexy action with my cam and Vanessa told me that she practices gymnastics. So I had the idea to make one first difficult sobriety test. Our girl should stand at one leg with the other leg under her head and drink straight from the bottle. Of course a very unique position but she did it all well. In the second half of the movie you can get the right impression that our babe was on the best way to get heavy intoxicated.To be continued.


slutty housewife

This short movie includes a crazy competition between a slutty housewife and a young guy. The main goal is the following subject: If the slut is able to drink one bottle of strong brandy the guy want give her 500 €. You can see the result in a chronological order.


czech girl

Here you can enjoy a totally wasted blonde czech girl after a hard drinking session with her girlfriend.


Nicola P

During the last year I got some requests from customers to make a specific project with a milf with big boobs and a very female body. Nicola P. was the right Model for such a job and I organized a session with her in a public cafe. Nicola was chugging nearly one bottle of straight stuff during a time of 25 minutes and afterwards you can enjoy some very good reactions, like trouble walking on heels, great slurring speech, intense giggling and showing her hairy pussy under a tan Pantyhose.


very excessive girl

Here you can view one typical day in the life of a very excessive girl. Nataly consumed some forbidden substances at her apartment and was astonished inflagranti by a police officer who got a hint from a photographer. He arrested her and carried our Lady with handcuffs to the police department. After a interrogation and paying a desposit Nataly could go back home but she should not leave the town. The time was right to have a drink so she grabbed two bottles and started a intense Vodka booze over some hours. But this was not all. Have a look inside and follow all the things that happened in a chronological order.


Miss Novak

Here you can enjoy my first project with Nataly. It started all with a Two Girls Party. I arrived later and wanted to do a nylon shooting with Miss Novak but she was still so wasted that we made a spontaneous session for all DF lovers. It includes more good scenes, hot nylon feet posing and other nice effects with a naked & horny babe.